I am an Associate Professor of Economics at Emory University.

My research interests lie in Applied Econometrics, particularly in Causal Inference. In the last few years, I have focused on better understanding and improving Difference-in-Differences methods. I am currently an Associate Editor for the Journal of Business & Economic Statistics

Before joining Emory, I was an Assistant Professor at Vanderbilt University, a Principal Researcher in the Office of the Chief Economist at Microsoft, and an Amazon Visiting Academic at SCOT. I received my Ph.D. in economics in 2015 from Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Spain, and my BA in economics from Ibmec-MG, Brazil, in 2009.

Difference-in-Differences courses

From time to time, I offer a comprehensive DiD course. Check Causal Solutions' website for detailed information.

Recent Updates:

My paper with Jonathan Roth (Brown University), "Efficient Estimation for Staggered Rollout Designs.", has just been accepted for publication at JPE: Micro. We hope you enjoy reading the paper as much as we enjoyed working on it.