Short Courses, Workshops, and Guest Lectures

  1. DiD Designs, EESP-FGV, Sao Paulo (Brazil), December 12-16, 2022
  2. DiD Designs, Brazilian Econometric Society Conference, Fortaleza (Brazil), December 2022
  3. DiD Designs, Summer School, University of Southern Denmark, Odense, Denmark (virtual), August 2022
  4. Northwestern Workshop on Research Design for Causal Inference, Northwestern University, Evanston, August 2022
  5. DiD Designs, University of Washington, Seattle, January 2022
  6. DiD Designs, U Rosario (Colombia), November 2021
  7. DiD Designs, Statistical Horizons (online), October 2021
  8. DiD Designs, Statistical Horizons (online), September 2021
  9. Recent Advances in DiD, Guest Lecture, Getulio Vargas Foundation (EPGE), Rio, Brazil, August 2021
  10. DiD Designs, Statistical Horizons (online), June 2021
  11. Recent Advances in DiD, Guest Lecture, U Toronto, Toronto, Canada, April 2021